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A Wide Spectrum of Use

The pellets are appropriate for heating systems and boilers of all sizes, even for industrial use. In households, pellets with a diameter of 6 mm are used most often.

The standardized and uniform pellet shape enables automatic dosing into the heating system, which
positions the functionality of combustion installations for pellets side by side with those for fuel oil
or gas.

Low Heating Costs

The price of heating obtained from wood pellets does not exceed 50 % of the price of heating obtained with fuel oil.

The calorific value of one kilogram of pellets equals approximately half the calorific value of fuel oil and amounts to 5.3 kWh/kg, which means approximately 2 kg of pellets are required for 1 l of fuel oil.

Ecology and Subsidies

Pellets are a new generation of ecological fuel and are a renewable energy resource that does not cause greenhouse gases.

Our country encourages the transfer from heating using fossil fuels to pellet heating. When purchasing a combustion installation for pellets, it is possible to regain 25 % of the recognised investments costs.

Low Ash Content

Enerles pellets produce less than 1 % ash, which is much less than firewood. This of course means less ash and slag and thus less cleaning of the boiler.

The ash content is nonetheless present, because wood contains certain quantities of mineral matter, which remains after burning.

Constant Supply

Enerles pellets are always in stock (throughout the year).