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Lately, the mistaken belief has appeared that the best pellets are made from beech wood.

Conifer wood has a higher lignin content compared to cellulose. Because lignin has a higher calorific value, the wood of conifer trees thus has a higher calorific value.

Pellet Burner Flame

Enerles pellets have a high calorific value of 5.3 kWh/kg. In comparison, beech wood pellets have a 5-10 % lower calorific value.

Enerles pellets are made from fir, spruce and pine wood. The table below shows that the same weight of the listed types of wood have a significantly high calorific value compared to some other commercially important wood types in Slovenia.

Table of the Calorific Value of Pellets

Because pellets are bought by the kilogram, a kilogram of Enerles pellet gives significantly more heat than beech pellets.

Enerles pellets provide the best ratio between price and quality.

Due to the low relative moisture content and a continued process of dosing the pellets into boilers and furnaces, the utilization rates exceed 90 %.